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In Love with Imagination

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Once Upon a Time ... 

(or twenty million times or so ... )

I picked up a book and fell in love. 

I found reading was the best way to escape from the real world. In a world where there always seems to be something that needs someone to worry about it, sitting down, opening a book, and breathing in the life it offered me instead was an intoxicating offer. 

One I haven't really forgotten in all of these years. 

So, it seemed only natural - though I would say supernatural (since I am a fantasy buff, ha!) - that I became a writer. 

Now I write full time, and I have worlds of my own that would rival Joss Whedon's in scope and Star Wars in richness. 

But it's not always enough to have the worlds inside my head. I designed this store with the idea of adding in new worlds from other books I like, and designing clothes that you can buy and wear. There is a lot of trouble in the world, and clothes are a simple reminder that there are good forces at work in the world along with the bad. And the best part is, I get to pass it along to the rest of you as well. 

So come and join me; wear your fantasy pants and your sci-fi shirt and find a world that makes you more than just yourself. Enjoy your time as you fall in love with imagination all over again. 


Until We Meet Again, 


C. S. Johnson